Celtic Year

A Journey through the Celtic Year

Much of Celtic Spiritual tradition is linked with the sun, the moon and the seasons of the year. The Celtic year begins in November (Samhain) and travels through eight seasons back again to Samhain.

Held within this yearly calendar with its eight festivals marking the important transitions times of the year are essential truths and core wisdom of the Celtic and pre-Celtic spiritual tradition.

Journeying through the Celtic year with the festivals and rituals to mark the transitional times, allows us to consciously engage with the energies present in each season. Since this calendar has both a cosmic and personal dimension this interaction enables us to live with more awareness and understanding of ourselves and the rhythm of our lives.  We learn that each season has specific qualities, energies and rhythms; bring gifts and challenges into our lives.  We learn that no season is better than another but that all are part of the dance of our lives.

This is an Imram (spiritual journey) rather than a course and will be held over 4 weekends which coincide with the four major Celtic festivals. This journey begins at Samhain (November) and continues through Imbolc (February), Bealtaine (May) and concludes at Lughnasadh (August) of the following year.

This Imram will allow participants to:

  • Step out of linear time
  • inhabit the liminal dimensions of reality present at these times of major transitions
  • support us to align ourselves again with the cosmic rhythm as reflected in the different energies of the seasons
  • support us to trust the changing energies in our lives
  • enrich the textures of our life by infusing the secular with the sacred.

At each gathering we will:

  • explore the energies and practices associated with the festival and season paying particular attention to their relevance in our daily lives
  • explore Stories, Myths and Rituals associated with the particular season and festival
  • create rituals to celebrate each festival
  • create a space in which each person can reflect on where they are in their own life’s journey
  • offer skills and tools to enable you to successfully embrace the different seasons, energies or aspects present in your life
  • visit local sacred sites.


The Celtic year begins at Samhain.  Darkness and night dominate the northern hemisphere and nature sleeps.  Hallow E’en represents the gateway into the dark half of the year.  The focus is on the inner journey.  This is the soul’s journey through darkness, from where new life emerges. Here we are invited to let go of outer activity, bring the focus inwards to embrace a process of growth that is slow and unforced.


At Imbolc, having emerged from the darkness of the Winter Solstice, we welcome the returning light.  During this weekend we explore the emergence of this new light, invoke it into our hearts as we tend our emerging dreams, hopes and possibilities. At this time, we especially invoke and honour Brigid, Goddess and Saint, who embodies the creative impulse as it awakens and quickens in the land and in our hearts and lives.  We will focus on and celebrate those aspects of new life that are emerging in our own lives.


May-time marks the Celtic festival or Bealtaine associated with brightness, fire, sun and summer.  The Eve of Bealtaine represents the gateway into the bright half of the year. At Bealtaine we mark the transition from winter to summer, from the dark to the bright half of the year.
We celebrate the flowering of the seeds sown in the dark time.  Bealtaine marks a time of expansiveness within us and within the natural world.  During this weekend we wish to bring out our gifts into the world and the steps needed to do that successfully.


The festival of Lughnasadh marks the harvest of the year’s journey and work, which began in the darkness of Samhain. It celebrates the culmination of the forces, which interacted to ensure a successful harvest in both the land and our own lives. In this weekend we will review our year’s journey and celebrate with gratitude all that we have harvested in our lives.

Dates of Weekend Workshops

Future workshop events to be advised.

Dolores is available to give workshops for your group or community.  If this interests you please Contact Dolores

   Comments form people  who attended the Samhain retreat in Nov 2011

Samhain retreat ………..Insight and wisdom from Dolores……… time in nature, laughter and support from wonderful people,a surprise message from heaven [ancestors]….cant wait for next retreat  at Imbolc  Marian  L

The Samhain weekend retreat in Mullaghmore was both a life giving and a life changing time for me -a truly amazing and challenging experience. I found the reflections and the rituals really helpful and the group dynamic was rich and supportive. I am viewing the darkness with a completely different lens now and am more inclined to “let go” and dream my dreams.   Breda G

The  Samhain weekend with Dolores was both magical and profound. She created a safe and transformative space where she shared her infinite wisdom and  deep knowledge of the Celtic calendar.  We explored, shared and experienced the energy of Samhain and learned the value and immense riches that the Celtic wisdom holds for us in these changing times.    Mari  K

" Do not ask what the world needs rather ask what makes you come alive then go and do it because what the world needs is people who have come alive" Howard Thurman