First Degree

First Degree Training Course

Reiki Healing which has its origins in Buddhism was re-discovered in Japan in the late 19th Century by Dr. Usui.  Having studied and researched the traditions from which Reiki Healing came, he developed a simplified version of this ancient Buddhist healing technology which could be use by people of all faiths and none. . Reiki Healing is taught in a manner which differs from other
healing modalities. During the training the Reiki healing energy is awakened in the student by an initiation process by the Reiki Teacher/ Master.

While an important function of Reiki Healing is the healing of oneself and other people and situations the initiation into Reiki Healing is also a spiritual awakening and catalyses a deepening of the spiritual journey  In the tradition to which I belong there are three levels of training which correspond to the three
degrees of Reiki Healing.

During the First Degree course the person is initiated into the Reiki Healing Energy through a series of four attunements given by the Reiki Master.  The Reiki Energy is already present, but dormant, within the person. Once initiated into Reiki healing energy, the person is able to use Reiki Healing energy to assist in healing themselves and other people.  During the 2 day course
the Reiki students learns about the essence of this ancient Buddhist Healing technology, the history of modern Reiki. The student also learns  the hand positions  and the practical  details of  giving  a Reiki Treatment to oneself  and the people .The use of Reiki Healing energy in conjunction with other modality is discussed  The course takes place over 2 full days  giving the students  lots of time to  experience and integrate the newly awakened Reiki energy within their systems.


“I have completed both Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 at ‘An Cuige’ with Dolores and found it truly life changing. The setting is breathtaking. Dolores makes you feel so welcome and the food is great! I feel extremely grateful that Dolores has become part of my spiritual journey.”
Tony Dowling

“I have taken the three degrees of Reiki with Dolores and it has been a great experience. Dolores brings great integrity and mindfulness to her teaching. Her deep sense of the Reiki energy gives a truly moving power to the initiations and attunements at each level. Her process allows time to absorb and practice  what has been learnt both in the courses and in the time between each level. It feels very natural and centred.”
Raymond Manley

Reiki First Degree training course

Date:  Saturday 1st April and Sunday 2nd April 2017

The cost will be €250.

To book send 75 euro (non refundable deposit) to Dolores Whelan or pay on line using Paypal.  Alternatively, you can pay using EFT.  Please contact me should you wish to pay this way.

Please contact Dolores if you would like Reiki First Degree training or for your group or community.

Course Payment
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