Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is one of several forms of energy healing.

Reiki Healing which has its origins in Buddhism was re-discovered in Japan in the late 19th Century by Dr. Usui.  Having studied and researched the traditions from which Reiki Healing came, he developed a simplified version of this ancient Buddhist healing technology which could be use by people of all faiths and none. . Reiki Healing is taught in a manner which differs from other healing modalities. During the training the Reiki healing energy is awakened in the student by an initiation process by the Reiki Teacher/Master.
While an important function of Reiki Healing is the healing of oneself and other people and situations the initiation intoReiki Healing is also a spiritual awakening and catalyses a deepening of the spiritual journey.
In the tradition to which I belong there are three levels of training which correspond to the three degrees of Reiki Healing.

First Degree training opens up the channels of Reiki energy within the student and allows them to this channel this energy for healing of themselves and other people.  First degree Reiki Healing  focuses primarily on the physical  body/dimension
Second Degree training focuses on the mental /emotional  dimensions of reality. In this training the student is taught  techniques for distant/absent healing.  It  facilitates a further awakening of the spiritual dimensions   within  a person.
Third Degree Training  is primarily  for  personal  spiritual  development  and is the basis for  the teacher training programme.  A practise period of 3 months is recommended between first and second degree training courses  At least  1 year of  working with Reiki Healing is recommended between  second and third  degree training courses  Each of these trainings allow for a greater awakening and awareness of the unbroken wholeness of the universe and of  unity  consciousness.

Dolores was trained in first degree Reiki Healing by Brigitte Ziegler ( Munich ) in 1993.  She took second degree training in 1994 and third degree training in 1996 She began her training a s a Reiki Teacher in 1998.  She began teaching Reiki Healing in 1999.  Sh offers courses in first , second  and third degree Reiki Healing she also trains  suitably trained people to teach Reiki Healing.

Since 2005 , Dolores hosts a monthly Reiki Gathering  at her  home which is open  to anyone who has  received Reiki training.  Currently it happens  on the second Monday of each month at her home in Ravensdale Dundalk.  Dolores is also available for personal Reiki Healing sessions.

Dolores is available to give an introductory talk on Reiki for your local group or community.

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