Second Degree

Second Degree Training Course

I recommend that students practise Reiki first degree  for 3 months  before taking the Reiki second degree training. This time and space allows the student to become familiar with reiki healing energy and integrate the energy within their system.

During the second degree training, students who have already completed the first degree training, receive the attunments into second degree reiki. In this training the student learns to work with the Reiki symbols which have many functions in the Reiki healing system. Using these symbols allows a person to use a unique method of distant or absent healing.  The symbols used in second degree reiki are also used for protection and facilitates Mental and Emotional healing.  The attunment into second Degree Reiki healing energy also supports the unfolding of person’s spiritual journey especially the development of inner knowing by activating the third eye chakra.

Date:  TBA

Time:  10am – 5pm (Both days)

Location: An Cuige, Ravensdale, Dundalk

Cost: €325  payment plan available. To book send €75 via post or pay by PayPal.



“I have completed both Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 at ‘An Cuige’ with Dolores and found it truly life changing. The setting is breathtaking. Dolores makes you feel so welcome and the food is great! I feel extremely grateful that Dolores has become part of my spiritual journey.  Thanks Dolores”
Tony Dowling

“Having already attended Dolores for Reiki Therapy ,I knew that she was the right person to be my Reiki teacher; her deep spirituality and respect for humanity added another dimension to the Reiki  First and  Second  degree courses  which I enjoyed
And meeting other people interested in Reiki, all set in amongst the trees in Ravensdale.  Fabulous!”
Mary Matthews, Dunleer

I really enjoyed both my level 1 and 2 Reiki courses  I feel I have  been totally awaken spiritually and  the Reiki has  taken  me and my life to a new level . My work has also changed and feel I drawn towards healing as a holistic therapist even  my clients have felt the benefits of reiki during their treatments  Dolores was a great teacher full of wisdom She also made all of us on the course feel welcome in her home  She treats every one like a friend and has always stayed in contact I  know I could contact her any time to ask a question. I intend  to do more courses with Dolores in the future
Tara O Hanlon  Monaghan


Reiki Second Degree Intensive Course

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