Spirit and Nature

A Holy Embrace of Spirit and Nature

A central (core) belief within the Celtic spiritual tradition is that there are many different dimensions within the world. The universe is understood as a connected whole in which the spiritual dimensions flow into the physical material realm. In this world view there is no real separation between the physical and spiritual worlds. It is believed that The Divine is present within every atom in the created world and that this presence can be experienced by those who look into the world with the eyes of the heart.

This course will introduce the participant to the central beliefs of the cosmology from which the Celtic Spiritual tradition flows. This course will focus in particular on the immance of God that is the presence of the Divine within the natural world.
And will explore how opening up to this awareness actually allows us to experience the Divine presence. As we awaken to this reality and begin to realise that the Divine presence imbues all life our whole attitude to life changes.

This course will offer:

• theoretical insights into the Celtic spiritual tradition
• a variety of meditation practises to quieten the mind and awaken the heart
• reflection exercises that facilitate our experience of the Divine Presence within the natural world


“I attended Dolores’s retreat, A Holy Embrace of Spirit and Nature, in  Carlingford, Ireland during the Summer Solstice. Attendees experienced  self-realization through guided meditation, silences, sharing, feasting, walking,  hiking, experiencing nature, poetry and music, journaling, card-work, and the  visiting of three holy wells. This retreat was brilliantly prepared; every  minute accounted for, no flubbing, no extraneous material, yet it flowed  smoothly and naturally. Dolores truly led the way to a holy  embrace of spirit and nature, the divinity in and of the earth, in and of the  sky and in man- and womankind.”
Deborah Sandford  New Jersey USA

‘The Carlingford workshop was a  magical experience. A wonderful mix of time in nature connecting to the beauty  in the world and also connecting to the spiritual realms. Dolores speaks to that place inside us that resonates with the wisdom and beauty of our Celtic  heritage.  She carries the wisdom tradition of our Ancestors. Her workshops are  truly inspiring.”   
Helen Redding


“The  creative  Wisdom of all things has established marvellous and ineffable harmonies by
which  all things  come together in a  concord or friendship or peace or love or  however else
the union of all things can be designed” 

John  The Scot

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