Spirituality for Changing Times

Nurturing the Spirit within

One way to describe spirituality might be “seeking for a sense of belonging to something more universal than that visible to the human eye”. It maybe a quest to be part of a wholeness, that is often sensed, rather than know directly.
We live in a time of immense change, challenge and opportunity. Much of what held our society together is disintegrating. Many people are searching for more authentic ways to live. At this time the search for the spiritual dimension of life needs to be grounded in the human and earthly journey. We, humans, need to waken up to the significance of our earthly journey and move away from small disconnected view of self and life, which imprisons us and threatens all life on this planet. It is time for us humans to embrace the deepest truth, that all life in one. It is time for us to begin to understand the magnificent universe story and our own part in its unfolding. At this time much ancient and new spiritual knowledge is becoming more widely available. This can radically change the way we perceive ourselves, the universe and God or the divine. “Our call is not to obey or worship God, but to participate in the spiritual unfolding of universal life we are co-creators with a creative God “Diramuid O Murchu

This course invites you into an exploration of spirituality that can support you in your life journey as it unfolds within an evolving universe.

This course will draw on:

• the wisdom of the Celtic and pre Celtic spiritual traditions,
• the Celtic and mystical streams of Christianity,
• the universe story and your own personal spiritual journey.
• And will include theoretical and experiential aspects including meditation and other spiritual exercises.

Dolores is available to give talks for your group or community.  If this interests you please Contact Dolores

" Do not ask what the world needs rather ask what makes you come alive then go and do it because what the world needs is people who have come alive" Howard Thurman