Third Degree

Third Degree Training Course

This programme is for those people who wish to deepen their understanding of the Reiki healing system. It is also the foundational course for those who wish to train as reiki teachers.  In this programme the students receives a further attunment into a new symbol called the forth or the master symbol. As in each training, the attunment into the particular symbol and degree of Reiki healing energy opens up possibilities within the person’s energy field that will be realised over time as the person works with symbols and the techniques available to them. In Third degree Reiki programme the student is encouraged to let go of doing mode and move into a being mode.

The challenge is to move further from the head to the heart, to the place beyond right or wrong, to move into a higher /deeper frequency  where  acceptance of what is  allow for deep transformation.
The course usually take place over 3 days


“I have taken the three degrees of Reiki with Dolores and it has been a great experience. Dolores brings great integrity and mindfulness to her teaching. Her deep sense of the Reiki energy gives a truly moving power to the initiations and attunments at each level. Her process allows time to absorb and practice what has been learnt both in the courses and in the time between each level. It feels very natural and very centred.”
Raymond Manley
“I would highly recommend any of the Reiki courses that Dolores Whelan has facilitated.  I have my First, Second and Third degree Reiki and have done them all with Dolores and I have to say I enjoyed every single moment of each and all of the three courses and wouldn’t hesitate to encourage anyone thinking about doing a Reiki course to do one facilitated by Dolores as I found them all to be really positive and enlightening experiences.”
Karen Mc Dowell

Please contact Dolores if you are interested in taking Reiki Third Degree training and would like to attend a free introductory evening.


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