Loving Kindness

Loving Kindness and Mindfulness  Meditation Day – April 28th, 2012

Loving kindness develops and strengthens the qualities of love, kindness, friendliness, goodwill and patience in us while weakening the tendency to anger, ill will, irritation and annoyance. In the practice of loving kindness (metta) meditation we cultivate our natural capacity for an open and loving heart. We get in touch with the deep joy and gratitude that are inherent in our being, but are sometimes obscured by day-to-day busyness and anxieties. This practice leads to the development of concentration, fearlessness, happiness and greater ability to love.

In mindfulness practice (vipassana) we learn to be present wholeheartedly, with kindness, to the body-mind process, beginning to accept more fully the pleasure and pain, fear and joy, sadness and happiness that life inevitably brings. As insight deepens, we develop greater equanimity and peace in the face of change. Wisdom and compassion increasingly become the guiding principles of our lives.

We will be spending the day alternating between sitting and walking meditation while all the time radiating loving kindness (metta) in an atmosphere of noble silence. There will also be opportunity for sharing of our experiences with the practice

Marjo Oosterhoff has been practising and teaching loving kindness meditation for many years, after training in Buddhist monasteries and meditation centres in Burma, and she was authorized to teach this practice, as well as mindfulness/vipassana meditation, by her teachers.  She runs Passaddhi Meditation Centre in west Cork, and teaches there as well as in other venues throughout Ireland. See details on www.vipassana.ie

Date: Saturday April 28th 2012
Time: 10.30am –5.00pm  Registration 10.00am
Bring a little food for a shared lunch

Please send me an email indicating that you would like to attend so I can contact you about future meditation days.

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