Reiki Healing First Degree Training Seminar

Facilitated by Dolores Whelan and Laura Collier

Seaview Treatments Clinic, Clogherhead

Reiki Healing is a simple & powerful method of healing,
which originates in the Buddist Tradition. It was
rediscovered in Japan in late 19th Century by Dr Usui.
What makes the Usui system of Reiki Healing unique is the
attunment process. Reiki 1 training is for people who are
interested in self healing and healing of other people.
Once the reiki initiation takes place the ability to channel
reiki healing energy remains with you for life and the
more you use it, the more you will be amazed at its aweinspiring
power. Everyone is welcome – no prior
experience or training is needed. An open and inquiring
mind and the commitment to continue practising reiki
healing will support you to unfold into your true potential.
This Course is…..
• Straightforward, comprehensive, professional and offers
a wonderful opportunity to learn and understand the
essecence of reiki healing energy.
• Suitable for those wanting to work as a therapist as well
as those for whom Reiki is for personal use.
• Covers everything you need to be able to treat yourself
and others safely, effectively and professionally.
• Involves lots of hands on practice so you get to grow in
confidence with giving self treatments & treating others
•Involves plenty of time for sharing experiences

Date: To be updated soon.

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