Celtic Spirituality

Ever Ancient Ever New: An Introduction to the Celtic Spiritual Tradition

“It is not for antiquarian interest primarily that we look to our
Celtic past and what remains of it today like coals under the
“smooring” that await a new kindling, but because the shape of our world is wrong and we are being wrongly shaped by it, as so many of our young people realise wildly and desperately.”

Noel Dermot O’Donoghue

The Celtic spiritual tradition can be understood as something that is both very ancient and new.
It is a way of perceiving the world and reality and a way of being in the world.

The Celtic spiritual tradition embodies what has become known as Celtic consciousness, or
Celto-megalithic consciousness, as it unfolded within Ireland over the millennia, in a conceptual rather than chronological way. This talk will outline some of the gifts that are at the heart of
this tradition. It will also focus on the recovery of those gifts that sustained our ancestors and created a
balanced society in ways that are appropriate to our present society. Gifts such as:

Nature of reality
An understanding of the unbroken wholeness of the universe.
And of the continuum that exists from the physical world through many non-physical,
yet real worlds, to the ultimate Mystery.

An understanding of the role of myth in underpinning the reality of our lives.
The gift of story and of the oral tradition.

The Immance and intimacy of God
Finding God or the Divine within every living being.
Invoking God’s support and protection for every moment of our lives.

Honouring the ancient spirit of time
Understanding of different experiences of time, both linear and cyclical as expressed within the Celtic Year calendar

Earth as home and mother
An understanding of the earth as a living, sentient, inherently Sacred being.
Developing the ability to be present in the natural world, and experience the mystery of the universe,

The importance of living in right relationship with each other, with the natural world, the divine order and Divinity.

The importance of community:
“Is ar scath a cheile a mhaireann?
na daoine.” (“We live in the crook of each other’s arm.”)

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