Inner Peace

Finding Inner Peace in Turbulent Times

“We are all responsible for our own peace” Byron Katie

We live in times of unprecedented change and turmoil.

Many of the certainties that underpinned our lives and the structure of our society are being challenged at this time.

This lack of certainty can result in extremely stressful responses which in turn can trigger a downward spiral of thinking within people. The outcome of this is more distress

Is this the only way to respond to the present situation?

Absolutely not!

So how do we (you and I) find that place of deep peace within that allows us to remain calm and centred in the midst of huge external change?

Inner Peace begins with a person’s willingness to transform thoughts of doubt and fear into thoughts of acceptance and trust.

We constantly make choices about the way we respond to life’s challenges.

Each time we make a healthy choice, we enhance our mental and emotional health which leads to more positive outcomes.

Responding in this way to external change, we become agents of transformation within our families, communities and place of work. In this way we create happiness rather than distress in response to the external situations.

This talk will offer:

  • Insights into causes of distress within your life
  • Support you to challenge the thinking patterns that create distress
  • Support you to create more positive thinking patterns
  • Suggest simple relaxation exercises that create peace of mind
  • Invite you to choose to be at peace and happy Now!
Dolores is also available to give this talk for your local group or community.  If you are interested please Contact Dolores
" Do not ask what the world needs rather ask what makes you come alive then go and do it because what the world needs is people who have come alive" Howard Thurman