Awakening the Creative Spirit

Creativity and the Art of Our Lives

We live in a universe that is constantly creating itself anew, and because we are a part of the universe, it is our birth right to be creative and to evolve into our fullest potential!

Creativity cannot be confined to the professional artist, nor considered a luxury for the few. Each of us is called to add our unique gift to the symphony of life!

How do you tap into the deep well of your creative energy?

Cosmologist Brian Swimme asks “How do you awaken your creativity?” His answer:

“By responding to the allurement that calls you to follow your passions and your interests”

This talk offers insights into how to:

  • Connect with your creative spirit
  • Challenge the negative voices that insist you have nothing to offer
  • Support you to bring your unique gifts into your world

“You must give birth to your images . They are the future waiting to be born… fear not the strangeness you feel. The future must enter into you long before it happens… Just wait for the birth… for the hour of new clarity”  Rainer Maria Rilke

Dolores is also available to give this talk for your local group or community.  If this interests you please Contact Dolores

" Do not ask what the world needs rather ask what makes you come alive then go and do it because what the world needs is people who have come alive" Howard Thurman