Power of Choice

The Power of Concious Choice

People often say “But I have no choice”. They really believe this to be true! Yet this capacity to make choices is present within the hearts and mind of the human being waiting to be evoked. This power to make choices becomes stronger each time it is used, until it becomes a natural way for us humans to respond to life in each moment. To access the power of choice, we need also to embrace the qualities of awareness and responsibility. Developing these three aspects creates a person capable of responding to all of life’s situations in a positive life enhancing way. This results in a person becoming more empowered and more in charge of their experience of life.

This talk will:

• Explore the meaning of awareness, choice and responsibility
• Challenge the underlying belief systems that suggest that human beings cannot make choices
• Suggest  ways to support each of us to consciously make choice in our lives and become  empowered  people

Dolores is also available to give this talk for your local group or community.  If you are interested please Contact Dolores
" Do not ask what the world needs rather ask what makes you come alive then go and do it because what the world needs is people who have come alive" Howard Thurman