Reiki Healing

An Introduction to Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is a simple hands on healing technique, which was re-discovered by Dr Usui in Japan in the late 19th Century. It is a form of energy medicine. Dr Usui describes Reiki healing as the Universal life force energy which calms the mind and raises the vibration of the life force within a person thus supporting their healing process. It originates in the Buddhist tradition of Tibet; a simplified version of Reiki Healing has been brought to the West for use by people of all faiths and none. Reiki promotes deep relaxation and stress release. It releases emotional blockages and activates the body’s natural healing ability. It supports both orthodox and complimentary healing methods.  All illness is a result of a lack of harmony within some part of person’s energy field, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Negative thoughts and judgements, unresolved emotions like grief, anger, sadness or guilt block the flow of energy within the person. These blockages in energy eventually appear as dis-ease, either physical or mental within the person. Reiki Healing is energy of a high vibration, which melts blockages in the person energy facilitating a return of harmony within the person.

Reiki Healing helps us to connect with the deepest part of ourselves, our spiritual essence. To receive a Reiki Healing session, the person lies on a couch, fully clothed. It lasts approx 1 hour.

“The work of the eyes is done now go  and do the Heart work ”
Rainer Maria  Rilke

Dolores is available to give an introductory talk on Reiki for your local group or community.  If you are interested please Contact Dolores

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