Dolores has been involved with education all her adult life, initially as a Biochemistry lecturer, and for the past 25 years as an educator and spiritual guide working in the area of human and spiritual development. She holds an M.Sc in Biochemistry from TCD and an MA in Spirituality from ICCS California.  In 1983 she met Matthew Fox, a radical Dominican priest, who was offering a Master degree in Spirituality in California she intuitively knew she needed to be on that course!  She was right………. It turned her head inside out and her life upside down!

During this programme she studied with many leading creative thinkers including Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme, Matthew Fox, Jean Houston, Joanna Macy and others.  She experienced many different forms of education…She loved what she discovered within herself  ….she was more alive and passionate about life and it possibilities than ever before.
“ Do not ask  what the world needs ….rather ask  what makes you come alive then go and do it because what the world needs  are people who have come alive( Anon )

This quotation held for her the essence of what she dreamed of for herself and for everyone else in the world but how to bring that dream into reality that was the question?? Her studies with Creation Centred Spirituality and Native American Spirituality in California eventually led her on a journey of rediscovery of her own spiritual roots.

She returned to Ireland in 1985 to see what might be possible. It was a big culture shock. Yet she knew if she was able to open up to such possibilities so could other people… She was right!  In 1986 Dolores founded the “Iomlanu Centre for Healing and Creative Living” in one room in her home in Dundalk. Iomlanu is derived from the Irish word Iomlan which means “wholeness”. Her work focused on enabling people to find the place of wholeness within them. She offered a series of different courses which focused on either physical, mental emotional or spiritual aspects of the person. The Iomlanu Centre became a beacon of light during the 1980’s and 1990’s attracted many wonderful teachers and seekers. It grew, developed matured and closed down in 1997.   But it essence remains alive in the many people whose lives were transformed by being a part of   the Iomlanu centre and its work.

In 2009 Dolores reclaimed the name Iomlanu Education (education in the pursuit of wisdom and wholeness) as brand for the new work she was bringing into the world.

Iomlanu  Education believes that  at this time of unprecedented  change and crisis what is most needed are new  ways of perceiving  reality, new  ways of thinking, new  ways to understand ourselves ,our role and our  relationships  within the earth community.

Dolores is available to give talks, lectures or workshops for you and your local group or community.  Please Contact Dolores if you are interested.


" Do not ask what the world needs rather ask what makes you come alive then go and do it because what the world needs is people who have come alive" Howard Thurman