Ever Ancient, Ever New (2nd Edition) with Celtic meditation CD by Dolores Whelan

The Celtic spiritual and wisdom tradition is, paradoxically, very ancient and very new. It is a way of perceiving reality and a way of being in the world. The wisdom of this tradition is re-emerging, at this time, from centuries of marginalization. Much of the wisdom held within this tradition has similarities with that found in other primal cultures. The wisdom of the Celtic tradition will speak in a particular way to those having roots or links, however tentative, with the Celtic soul or consciousness.

This book emphasises the need for modern humans to inhabit those dimensions of reality that once created the world of the Celtic people. These realms which still exist in our psyches, but have been marginalised over the centuries.

The focus of this book is the reclamation of specific gifts from our ancestry in the Celtic past that might serve humanity today.

  • The importance of cyclical time as reflected in the Celtic Year calendar
  • The importance of mythic consciousness in creating healthy society
  • The importance of vibrant rituals in the spiritual well being of people.
  • The understanding of the unbroken wholeness of the universe
  • The sacredness of the living earth
  • The essential role darkness and of death in the life and soul journey.
  • The reclamation of the role of the Divine Feminine.
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Testimonials for Ever Ancient Ever New

Dolores has a knack for mediating both the transformative power hidden in the paradoxical nature of Myth and the mix of joy, earthiness and otherworldliness within the Celtic Soul. Her honest passion for the tradition is evident on every page.
Fionntulach – Order of Céile Dé Scotland

Dolores Whelan’s book Ever Ancient Ever New gives an excellent illustration of her width of knowledge and appreciation of Celtic Spirituality. She makes a careful analysis of the spirit of our age with its materialism and rationalism which she contrasts with an earlier mindset in which mankind is integrated with nature and the feminine mystique receives its due place. This short book draws together the insights of ancient cultures which can lead us into the future
Fr. Sean O Duinn  Ph.D  author of  “Where Three Streams  Meet”   and “The Rites of Brigid Goddess and Saint”

These important innovative insights of Dolores Whelan have been hugely transformative in my own life and work. This is truly an inspirational tome. Between the covers of ‘Ever Ancient, Ever New’, Dolores directly and succinctly articulates her own bold, daring, call to humanity.
“More than ever, we now need to move towards a deeper understanding of life and from that understanding develop the boldness that dares to follow the heart”. Ever Ancient, Ever New IS that move and it promises every reader that understanding !
Dr. Noirin Ni Riain, Singer, theologian and musicologist

Dolores Whelan has written a beautiful and accessible guide to the Celtic Spiritual Tradition and she focuses our attention on the wisdom it offers us for today. Rather than nostalgically looking back to times past, she elucidates the key insights and practices that will enhance our spiritual vision for the 21st century. Dolores suggests, “Perhaps it can offer a way forward to people living in the illusion of a separated, disconnected universe, one which has created this myth-less and rudderless society.”
Maureen O’Connor Transpersonal Psychologist and Psychotherapist

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Price €10.00 and €7.00 postage to the rest of the world

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‘Ever Ancient, Ever New’ + CD ‘A Journey through the Celtic Year’  €25 + €4.00 (posted to addresses within Ireland)

‘Ever Ancient, Ever New’ +CD ‘A Journey through the Celtic Year’  €25 + €7.00 (posted to the rest of the world)

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‘Ever Ancient, Ever New’ +CD ‘A Journey through the Celtic Year’ + Perpetual Celtic calendar €40.00 + €7.00 (posted to the rest of the world

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